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Fort Worth ISD Board President Jacinto Ramos Jr. is joining his counterpart at Dallas ISD in sending a letter to Gov. Abbott urging a back-to-school plan with greater flexibility.

“We can't be silent. We have serious concerns and thoughts about what's taking place surrounding this pandemic,” Ramos Jr. said. “To set a floor for average daily attendance for the next year, we need to make sure there's some financial stability to keep our systems moving forward. Number two: we want to allow school districts the flexibility to design instructural systems that meet the needs of our families and staff given local health conditions. Third point is to allow schools to prohibit students from attending school if they have come into contact or exposed to individuals diagnosed with COVID19."

10 Board Presidents of some of Texas' largest districts put this together in collaboration with our Superintendents. Dallas, Ysleta, El Paso, Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Austin, Aldine, Brownsville, and Fort Worth.

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